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My oldest child is by far my quietest (at least around strangers), and I’m waiting for that to one day change. I had hoped that having her play a sport or by getting her involved in something that it would help her come out of her shell.

At the start of sixth grade my husband and I signed up 2 kids for lacrosse. Our middle and oldest, both with two completely different views of what they were about to try. The oldest immediately put her foot down saying no! Then proceeded to go on about how she didn’t know anything about the sport and so she couldn’t do it. Me being me.. I told her well I didn’t know anything about it either and so she can learn, have fun and also teach me about it…

Little did I know that 1 fall season of req league would lead to lacrosse throughout middle school on the school addition to a club team..then rolling into high school..on the school team & still the same club team.. Not to mention going to camps and playing on other teams during the school year.

Looking back, I still remember very clearly when my daughter told me about the middle school lacrosse tryouts.. And then the uncertainty that she had about even trying out for the team came into the picture… The “what if I don’t make it”..Again I pushed her to try…While at the tryouts on the first day she did manage to throw up, because she had never worked so hard before..she then came to my truck water jug in hand..and questioned me. She asked why I was pushing her so hard to do something?..why this?..why couldn’t we leave and go home?.. I told her if I didn’t push her no-one would.. I told her maybe she could meet some new friends by being involved in this.. And the last thing I told her was she couldn’t just quit and walk away because “what if”..what if you do make the team? At that moment I saw it for the first time..her eyes lit up and I had hope that she believed in herself, as much as I already believed in her.

Two days later the players were posted at the front of the school on a sheet of paper leading into the office.. Which needless to say, I had a very happy child at the end of the day.

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