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It's my crazy life…

Now that my kids are out of school, and summer break is in full swing. I constantly find myself thinking ahead, with what is just around the corner waiting for me.

Just like so many others that are consumed in planning trips to the beach or just traveling with their families. I too am consumed, but with something that is the complete opposite. Now that I have had to take a different approach to summers, I am having a difficult time. I can no longer think about how much time I will be spending at the beach over the summer, or the countless hours spent just floating around the pool soaking in the rays. I’m not going to lie; just thinking about that right now, makes me want to scream!!

As I type this, I am hitting redial over and over again hoping to get through to a travel agent to book my room for an upcoming lacrosse event. My daughter’s devotion to lacrosse is what I find myself consumed in. On some days everything runs smoothly, much like a well oiled machine. Then there are days like today, where I swear I am down to a final fuse before I am about to blow.

Lacrosse in our house isn’t just a sport played in the spring. For the past seven years, it has become a sport played year round. January through early May is my daughter’s school season. That is honestly the easy breezy time. My daughter spends six days a week at practice, my husband and I show up at the games, cheer her on and call it a day. Anything needing planning during school season is done for me, all the way down to where to stay if it happens to be a game out of town. Club season however, is a different beast. After school season comes to an end, we get a fabulous 2 weeks off, until we are at it again. From the end of May through the beginning of January, all chaos breaks loose.

Cue Lupus and the medication that I am currently prescribed. A medication that due to the possible side effects, does make me stop twice and think long and hard if having a glass of wine is really worth it or not. If I didn’t know better my conscious’ voice sounds just like Homer Simpson. The only difference, I’m hearing “mmm, wine” although a doughnut sounds really good about now as well.

I’m sure you are sitting there wondering how chaos can really come from a kid’s sport, and you want to know if it really does consume my entire summer. Well if you happen to have a kid or two or three lying around, and you find yourself wanting to jump on the insanity bandwagon, you should look into lacrosse. I’m still sitting here hitting the redial button, stressing out even more.

Oh there it is that one word that can make or break anyone… stress. Now for those of us already riding along on the lupie train, you get it. If you happen to be standing on the outside looking in, waving at us as our train blasts by. I know there are some that are waving back, maybe not with their whole hand though. It is hard and frustrating being told over and over again, while in the middle of having a stress overload to just relax, go out for a run, meditate, get some sun, do yard work, go workout, and have a drink.

If you are not yet familiar with the “Spoon Theory”, become familiar with it. For those with loved ones, diagnosed with Lupus it will give you the best breakdown of just how much is too much. If you are already familiar with the “Spoon Theory”, well I ran out of spoons over a week ago and I’m pushing past the pain, past the fatigue to do anything and everything I can to help my daughter reach one of her goals which is to play lacrosse in college.

So here I am, thinking about my next lacrosse adventure with my daughter. Wondering if my body will give out before I do while driving to Virginia this week, I’m wondering just how long I will be able to sit in the sun, wondering how much sleep really is needed, and wondering if I can find just enough 7elevens, Starbucks, Krispy Kremes and Chick-fil-a to keep a “starving” 17 year old full just long enough until we need another.

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