That Southern Girl

It's my crazy life…

-Forcing your kid(s) to spend time out of their room with the family watching a show won’t kill anyone..(my kids will realize this when they are…

-That you don’t have to have a “decent”picture, let your kid stick their tongue out..pick their nose and make bunny ears..there is Photoshop to make changes to those pictures and the blackmail that will be in their future is a fabulous thing..(they brought it upon

-When your kid(s) want to show you something, or tell you something for the bajillionth as though it is the first time you’ve seen it, and listen like you’ve never heard it before.

-When your kid(s) tell you to look at them when they are talking to you.. or even if they don’t.. stop what you are doing and look at them..because before you know it they won’t be so small and cuddly anymore.

-Always make room on your lap for your kid(s) to sit..

-Hug your kid(s) as much as you can.. My older kids aren’t huggers, even when something bad is going on..they shut off.. and I blame myself for demand hugs.. My husband is still breaking the two of them down after 12 years..

-When your kid says watch this, and you watch and say to yourself “I can do that better”.. accept no you really can’t, nor should you try.. nothing good ever happens when you hear a grown adult say “hey kids! watch this” … ask My husband.. Bless his heart…

-Having some space away from your spouse is needed on both sides and without any kid(s) in tow.. out of the house so no one can find you either.. unless they can track you on your phone.. Because then you screwed

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